Forward to Net Zero

Senior Living Communities Moving
Forward to Net Zero

Key to SSAFE’s mission is to take action using science-based and professionally guided best practices, setting our own communities on the pathway to 50% greenhouse gas reductions by 2030 and carbon net neutrality by 2050. ‘Greening Our Campuses’ is the SSAFE project team responsible for guiding senior living communities on the path to Net Zero.

Below is a collection of senior living community sustainability projects and case studies from participating SSAFE members.

Larval Landing hexagon honeycomb-shaped frame to collect leaf litter for pollinators.

Larval Landings to Collect Leaf Litter

At the April 4th, 2024 SSAFE General Committee Meeting, our guest speaker, Doug Tallamy, mentioned a way to protect pollinator habitat while maintaining a manicured appearance. Click the link above to read more, see photos, watch a video, and down the instructions for Larval Landings developed by Peter Keilty from Bees for All.

Annual Mike Burke Award for Excellence in Advocacy

2023 Mike Burke Excellence in Advocacy Award Annouced!

In recognition of Mike Burke's exceptional contributions to the SSAFE Advocacy Team and the SSAFE Board of Directors, SSAFE has established an annual award in his honor for excellence in Advocacy. And the award goes to....

Doug Tallamy Presents to SSAFE on 4-4-24

General Committee Meeting Flyers

🦋 Help spread the word about the April 4th SSAFE General Committee meeting on Zoom. Doug Tallamy, renowned entomologist, ecologist, and author of several publications, will present on Thursday, April 4th at 11 AM Eastern / 10 AM Central / 9 AM Mountain / 8 AM Pacific time on Zoom. Click the link or image above to find colorful flyers to share at your SSAFE Chapter campus!

Q1 2024 Cross Campus Sustainability Chart

2024 Cross-Campus Campus Sustainability Chart

♻️ Have you ever wondered about the sustainability projects going on at each SSAFE Chapter community? Now you can see them summarized on the 2024 Q1 SSAFE Cross-Campus Sustainability Chart. See projects in progress or planned on each campus!

Unit Turnover Guide Published

Another major SSAFE achievement from the Greening Our Campuses project team! You are invited to download and incorporate the residential unit turnover recommendations to use at your senior living community. When a residential unit is vacated and made ready for the new occupant, SSAFE recommends we change our focus and prioritize energy and water-saving upgrades.
Click to Download the SSAFE Unit Turnover Guide here. [PDF]

2023 Cross-Campus Sustainability Chart

Have you ever wanted to see all of the sustainability efforts from all SSAFE member campuses at a glance? Now you can by viewing the increasingly impressive collection of sustainability projects in process or in planning for all participating communities.

Early Results Look Promising from the Kendal at Lexington Peak Usage Evaluation

“Peak Usage Program” or “Peak Energy Shaving” - Have you heard these terms around your campus yet? Some very savvy residents have realized that their communities can save a significant amount of money by carefully predicting days when energy use will be highest. Saving money is only one benefit. Preventing the dirtiest energy from being used during high demand days goes a long way to keeping pollution and greenhouse gasses out of the environment.

LED Lighting & NEST Thermostats for $0 in Costs at The Admiral!

The vigilant residents and staff at The Admiral uncovered not one, but two programs that will allow them to zip ahead in their sustainability efforts, for free! Learn about their LED light and Nest thermostat replacement programs. Perhaps there are similar programs offered from your utility provider!

Energy Audit Request for Proposal Template Published

A major SSAFE achievement from the Greening Our Campuses project team! You are invited to download and utilize this highly effective Request for Proposal (RFP) template to use at your senior living community. This template has been effectively utilized for the first Kendal at Hanover deep energy retrofit audit.
Click here to learn more.

Earth Day Resources! 🌎

NEW flyers and ideas for your Earth Day tables and displays. Learn what other Kendals have done in the past and are planning for Earth Day 2023 by following this link: 🌎🌳

SSAFE Board Retreat

NEW flyers and ideas for your Earth Day tables and displays. Learn what other Kendals have done in the past and are planning for Earth Day 2023 by following this link: 🌎🌳

SSAFE Project Team Updates

Watch this quick presentation to see what SSAFE project teams have been up to in the first half of 2022! Project team leaders highlight accomplishments, review goals, and share wish lists.

Electrical Grid Basics [Video]

As Senior Stewards, we are most effective when we have a basic understanding of the electrical grid. Beef up your understanding by learning the basics of the electrical grid as presented in this video by George Alexander from Kendal at Longwood. Click to watch the video and learn more!

The Energy Audit – Step One on the Path to Net Zero [Video]

Many communities have set a goal to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. The key to building a roadmap to net-zero is identifying the how to make changes that will lower your carbon footprint to 0 by 2050. The necessary first step is conducing an Energy Audit. Watch this video to understand what an Energy Audit can do for senior living communities.

Carbon Footprint & Energy Audit – What’s the Difference?

With input from the newly formed Carbon Footprint and Energy Audit working groups and members of the SSAFE Greening our Campuses Project Team, we have assembled an infographic to visualize the difference between a carbon footprint and an energy audit (and, how they can work together.) Read more to see the full image and find a printable version.

Crosslands Mailbox Energy Display

An excellent and creative method to educate Kendal at Crosslands residents about weather, climate, sustainability, and SSAFE! This display was made possible by the resident-led Kendal at Crosslands Energy Committee.

Car Survey for Energy Demand

Watch a short presentation at the 12/16/21 SSAFE Greening our Campuses project team meeting about the Kendal at Crosslands Car Survey including the tabulated results. The report is also available for download.

Collington 3-Year Sustainability Plan

Residents from Collington, a Kendal affiliate, and their management team developed a three-year Sustainability Plan for their campus. Read more and download the completed report.

Kendal at Crosslands Arboretum Report

The following arboretum report was presented at the December 12th SSAFE General Committee meeting by Ben James, Vice-Chair of SSAFE from Kendal at Crosslands.

The Case for an Arboretum

Several Kendal senior living communities have thriving arboretums while some are in the initial application process. Learn more by reading this fact sheet (downloadable PDF available.)

Low or Zero-Waste Gift Ideas

Just in time for holiday shopping, we have cultivated a fun list of low or zero-waste gift ideas with help from Kendal at Hanover resident, Cynthia Rand.