Divesting from Fossil Fuel

Divest from Fossil Fuel

Divestment Basics

“Divestment is the opposite of an investment – it simply means getting rid of stocks, bonds, or investment funds that are unethical or morally ambiguous…

Divestment is also to end fossil fuel sponsorship. Basically, it’s how we say the fossil fuel model of business is not okay!”
Go Fossil Fuel Free

SSAFE Divestment Presentations

From Clean Yield’s presentation to the SSAFE Advocacy Team Meeting on September 16th, 2021:

On September 16th, Eric Becker from Clean Yield presented an overview of how divesting for individuals to the SSAFE Advocacy Team. Eric demonstrated how the divestment movement has been a stunning success and is in fact, a sound investment strategy.

Watch Eric’s presentation on the YouTube video on the right including his Q&A session with SSAFE members.

Clean Yield provides fossil fuel free asset management. From their Fossil Fuel Free Investing page: “For nearly three decades, Clean Yield Asset Management has managed fossil fuel-free portfolios for our clients who requested this screen. In recent years, our position has evolved to one of embracing divestment as the right strategy for every portfolio we manage.”

From Divest Harvard’s presentation to the SSAFE General Committee Meeting on September 2nd, 2021:

[ Content credit: Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard ]

Over 1,300 institutions controlling approximately $14.58 trillion worth of funds have committed fully or partially to fossil fuel divestment. So have over 58,000 individuals controlling approximately $5.2 billion worth of funds. Major asset managers Blackrock and Meketa separately concluded that divestment doesn’t negatively impact and actually improves returns for investment funds. Fossil fuel companies have recognized the divestment movement as a “material risk” to their business model. You can make an impact and send a message by divesting.

Learn more about Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard at divestharvard.com and harvardcorplovesfossilfuels.com! Follow @DivestHarvard on social media for updates. Email ffdivestharvard@gmail.com for any questions. Fossil Fuel Divest Harvard’s guide to filing legal complaints for fossil fuel divestment. tinyurl.com/divestcomplaintguide



Find a full list of divestment commitments at https://gofossilfree.org/divestment/commitments/

Colleges & Universities

Find campuses that have divested here: Divest Ed

If you can’t find your institution on either list above, look up its investment policies and see if it has said anything publicly about divestment. You can also email fund managers directly to inquire. Note: It is possible that an institution has divested without saying anything publicly, but many funds will have public statements or formal commitments if they divest.

Little Sis (a free database of who-knows-who at the heights of business and government) offers great tips on researching a university endowment in order to see if it is invested in fossil fuels. Contact them using this form with any further inquiries.


Learn more about pension divestment specifically and getting involved at https://www.stand.earth/climate-finance/climate-safe-pensions and https://stopthemoneypipeline.com/pensions/!

Learn more about personal divestment/reinvestment at https://www.greenamerica.org/break-up-with-your-mega-bank (plus more background here)!

Financial Case for Divestment

“The Mythical Peril of Divesting from Fossil Fuels”

“Letter from economists: to rebuild our world, we must end the carbon economy.”

“IEEFA: Major investment advisors BlackRock and Meketa provide a fiduciary path through the energy transition”.

The Financial Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment.

“Stranded Assets”

Moral Case for Divestment

“Divestment Mythbusting.”

“Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.”

“From Apartheid to the Climate Crisis: The Limits of Shareholder Engagement.”

“We need an apartheid-style boycott to save the planet.”

“Who Is Divesting and Why?”

Legal Case for Divestment

“Trillion Dollar Transformation: Fiduciary Duty, Divestment, and Fossil Fuels in an Era of Climate Risk.”

“Outline of Possible Interpretative Release by States’ Attorneys General Under The Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.”

Will This Retired Lawyer Open the Floodgates of Divestment From Fossil Fuels?”