Energy Audit RFP Template


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Request for Proposal (RFP) Template

Would you like to complete a comprehensive, campus-wide energy audit at your senior living community that will create a roadmap to a deep energy retrofit?

To reduce our impacts on the world’s climate, a working group of Senior Stewards Acting for the Environment (SSAFE), an organization of residents living at Kendal-inspired retirement communities, has prepared a request for proposals (RFP) to facilitate the search for a qualified, outside contractor. The template recognizes the need to reduce energy use on our campuses, consistent with the health and safety of all residents and staff. Efforts to conserve energy must go hand-in-hand with maintaining resilient auxiliary power systems to protect residents with serious, chronic health conditions and other physical and cognitive disabilities. To accomplish these dual objectives, our campuses need professional assistance to identify the most effective, and cost-efficient methods of conserving energy while protecting vulnerable residents.

The template is intended to identify important elements of an RFP that can be tailored to the specific circumstances facing a given residential retirement community. Users of the template are encouraged to assess circumstances unique to their facility/campus and adapt the template accordingly.

We hope that this template will be useful to your campus as you pursue your energy conservation and resiliency goals. Because we aim to improve the template on a continuing basis, we would appreciate receiving feedback on your experiences, including copies of your adapted RFP, suggestions for improving the template, and a summary of lessons-learned during the audit process. Please send your feedback to SSAFE at

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SSAFE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. charitable organization. Volunteers invested hundreds of hours of their time to create, edit, and finalize this document. It has been used successfully in the past, potentially saving at least one community tens of thousands of dollars. Please consider donating by visiting

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