SSAFE Unit Turnover Guide


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Residential units at senior living communities turn over regularly due to deaths and movements within the facility. The transition period between old and new residents is the ideal time to renovate cottages and apartments.

The purpose of this Guide is to identify important
elements of a cottage/apartment turnover
plan as it impacts energy efficiency.

Recommendations contained in this Guide can and should be tailored to the specific circumstances facing a given residential retirement community. Communities are encouraged to use this Unit Turnover Guide to create their own written unit turnover protocol and plans that reflect the unique features of different types of residential units on campus.

Ideally, energy efficiency improvements in apartments and cottages should draw upon the results of a comprehensive, campus-wide energy audit. This turnover Guide, however, is meant to apply regardless of whether the results of a recent energy audit are available. The recommendations contained in this Guide are mindful of the overarching goals of SSAFE’s Energy Audit RFP template:

  • 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030,
  • Carbon neutral by 2050

We hope that this Guide will be useful to your campus as you pursue your energy conservation and resiliency goals. Because we aim to improve this Guide on a continuing basis, we would appreciate receiving feedback on your experiences, including copies of your adapted turnover checklist/protocol, suggestions for improving this Guide, and a summary of lessons learned during the cottage/apartment turnover process. Please send your feedback to SSAFE at

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